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Delhi police tweeted, “Don’t Fall Into Multiverse of Madness” 3.93/5 (14)

You must be aware of the recently released film, 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'. It has emerged as a blockbuster all over the world. So, the Delhi Police also decided to give their advisory a Marvel twist to get its message across.
The advisory, in the form of a tweet posted last week, is gaining traction on the internet. It shows an image of liquor being poured into a glass, with a reference to 'Spider-Man: No Way Home', which played with the multiverse as well.

If you're ‘Far From Home' don't fall into the ‘#MultiverseOfMadness' or you will find ‘No Way Home'! Don't Drink & Drive for a safe ‘#Homecoming' #nowayhome,” the Delhi Police's tweet says.

  • This is good inspiration for bad human's species, if you can't understand this. So, no one can help you anymore. Better is understood before, after no time to understand,” a user wrote.
  • Nice work... looks like Dr Strange will fall into whiskey on rocks,” a second user commented on the post.
  • This one good nice work DP,” a third user wrote.

Delhi records a huge number of accidents due to drunk driving. Many precious lives are lost due to drink and drive. Alcohol has a major impact on physiological systems that are essential for driving and functioning. It is a depressant that primarily impacts brain function. Alcohol drastically impairs a person's capacity to shift attention from one item to another, "without considerably compromising sensory motor abilities," according to one of its major impacts.

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