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Bhiwandi police detain Muslim boy over derogatory remark on Prophet, supporting Nupur Sharma 4.6/5 (5)

On Sunday (June 12), a young Muslim boy named Saad Ashfaq Ansari was arrested by the Bhiwandi police in Maharashtra for supporting ex-BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma and questioning the nature of the relationship between the Prophet Muhammad and his wife Ayesha. Earlier yesterday he was assaulted and abused by a Muslim mob for his stand in the ongoing blasphemy row and supporting Nupur Sharma.

In an Instagram story, Ashfaq had written, “A 50-year-old man marrying a 6-9-year-old kid is clear child abuse. And I don’t know how you people support this. Will you give your 6-year-old daughter to a 50-year-old man? (think about it).”

An engineering student by occupation, he had extended his support to Nupur Sharma and referred to her as a ‘brave lady.’

In one Instagram story, Ashfaq had posted, “I am not in support of any religion. I fucking hate them all. I am just scared to live in a world where you and your family can be killed just because you spoke something about a man who died many years ago.”

Grow up guys. Ditch the religions which spread terrorism in the world and be human being. It’s just that simple. I already know how much hate I will get from posting this and prepared to be misunderstood because you people are still kids,” he had written.

On Saturday (June 11) night, a frenzied Muslim mob reached the residence of Saad Ashfaq Ansari and forced him to come out of his house to confront him over the social media posts. After having mustered enough courage, the Muslim boy managed to address the mob.

With a terrified look on his face, he said, “If I wanted, I could have stayed inside. But I came out to talk to you.” After hearing this, a man in the crowd threatened, “If you had stayed inside, we would have dragged you out and thrashed you.”

The boy pleaded with folded hands but the crowd refused to relent. He was forced to read the Kalma (Islamic phrases). As he proceeded to recite the verses, a man slapped him on his face while others continued to threaten him with physical harm.


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