Pic of 500-million-year-old fossilised brain of 3-eyed predator released 5/5 (3)

The fossilised brain of a creature with three eyes, that lived 500 million years ago is being studied by scientists. Pictures of the remains of the brain and nerves of the marine predator called Stanleycaris have been released. "The details are so clear it's as if we're looking at an animal that died yesterday," said a researcher on the fossil.

Royal Ontario Museum tweeted, "New research from @CambroJoe & Jean-Bernard Caron sheds light on the evolution of the arthropod brain, vision & head structure. Marine predator Stanleycaris of the Burgess Shale belonged to an ancient, extinct offshoot of the arthropod evolutionary tree called Radiodonta."

The Twitter account later attached a thread, "In 84 of these fossils, the remains of the brain & nerves are still preserved after 506 million years! "The details are so clear it's as if we were looking at an animal that died yesterday".
#FossilFriday "

"Discovery of a 2-segmented head & brain in this early arthropod lineage has radical scientific implications.
"These fossils are like a Rosetta Stone, helping to link traits in radiodonts & other early fossil arthropods with their counterparts in surviving groups." #FossilFriday," they added.

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