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More Than 100-Year-Old Tunnel Below Niagara Falls Just Opened To Visitors No ratings yet.

The tunnel takes you 180 feet beneath the main generating floor.

The breathtaking sights at Niagara Falls make it a very popular tourist destination. From regular tourists to international celebrities, many of them have visited this site. But now, through a tunnel that was constructed more than 100 years ago and is open to the public, people can get a different view of the grounds and learn about the fascinating history of a power station that formerly stood underneath the region.

According to CNN, a 670-meter (2,198-foot) tunnel built more than a century ago on the Canadian side has been opened up to reveal the awesome scale of these engineering marvels. Since July 2022, it's been part of tours of the decommissioned Niagara Parks Power Station tour, which began a year earlier.

"The power station, which operated from 1905 until 2006, diverted water from the mighty Niagara River to run giant generators that electrified regional industry and contributed to the nearby Great Lakes port of Buffalo becoming known as the City of Light," the news outlet further reported.

According to station tour guide Elena Zoric, this region was once a hub of activity for businessmen who wanted to cash in on harnessing hydropower.

"A glass-enclosed elevator takes visitors to the tunnel, where they can walk through the space below the power station that takes them to a viewing area to see the beautiful views at Niagara Falls," reported Fox4news.

"The power station, built in 1905 on the Canadian side of the Niagara River, has hidden decks and gives visitors a deep dive into the history of how workers kept it running for over a century," the report mentioned.

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