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Viral Video Shows Goa Tea Vendor Selling Old Monk Tea No ratings yet.

The video received over 28,500 views and 684 likes after it was shared online.

It is simple to understand why Goa is one of India's most popular holiday destinations. You'll have a hard time choosing what to do when visiting this popular location because it is known for so many things. This beautiful coastal state offers so many distinctive things ranging from shopping at numerous markets to dining on regional cuisine and taking part in an abundance of water activities. Visitors to the region have traditionally prioritized local cuisine and beverages, but a tea shop recently added something special to its menu that is quickly gaining popularity online.

This video was uploaded to Twitter by @DrVW30 with the caption "Old monk tea in Goa. The end is near!"

An old monk-infused tandoori chai is seen being made by the vendor. Prior to adding the major component, Old Monk, he added some jaggery powder. After that, ordinary tea was added. It was offered in an earthen cup after a thorough boil. The vendor puts up his stall at a beach in Goa. So, if you want to try this unique concoction, you know where you've to head to.

The video received over 28.5K views and 684 likes after it was shared online. While some online users are intrigued by the bizarre mixture, others thought this tea was strange and labeled it a complete failure.

A user wrote, "This is brilliant!" "In fact, half a spoonful of an old monk in hot coffee is a great recipe." Another person commented, "Mohan Meakin's guys are looking for him."

A not-so-happy user wrote: "North Goa. Please don't associate this nonsense with the whole of Goa.

Reading the food trends, one person commented, "Looks like Old Monk is heading down the paneer path.. in anything, everywhere, and every time."

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