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Inspired by Twitter User’s Poll, Restaurant Launches “Samosa Corners” No ratings yet.

"Samosa Corners", a new dish launched after a Twitter Poll by Mr Doshi.

How many of you remember days when your parents would get you samosas while coming back from work? For most Indians, samosa is the perfect answer to evening food cravings or snack time with a hot cup of tea. An internet user took to Twitter to inform how his online poll inspired a restaurant to launch a new dish called 'Samosa Corners'. The snack is simply the crust of samosa, without the usual fillings of potato. 

Twitter user Shreyas Doshi's caption reads, "Since it is the season of turning Twitter polls into products, here's real proof that this works." 

"The founder of @Samosa_Party just DM'ed me that they were inspired by my recent poll about samosa crust vs. filling and they've actually launched "Samosa Corners" Crust wins," he further said. 

Mr Doshi also posted a screenshot of the message he received from the founder of the restaurant. The message reads, "Hey Shreyas. I am the Founder of Samosa Party. Building India's first ethnic food QSR. Your poll on Samosas inspired us to launch this unique product- this is the most awesome part of Samosa- we call it the "Samosa Corners" Just the crust served with our signature chutneys to munch on." Alongside the text, he also shared a picture of the new dish.

The post was shared on November 2 and has amassed over 1,400 likes. Many users also commented on the same. A user shared a screenshot of the dish available on the food delivery application to confirm that the dish has actually been launched.

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"Damn, the magnitude this idea has is literally immense!!!!! Can't wait for its outlets to launch soon across the counter," said one user.

"This is so cool and their cheese corn samosas are to die for," added another user.

A third user said, "Very impressive."

Mr Doshi conducted the poll on September 17. He asked the Twitter audience "In a samosa, which part do you enjoy more?" 10,715 votes were polled out of which 57.3 per cent were received by the crust and 24.2 per cent votes for filling. The other options included "Neither. I am a bot" and "What is a samosa?"

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