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Viral Video Of A Cat Gliding Down A Slope Will Bring A Smile To Your Face No ratings yet.

Viral Video Of A Cat Gliding Down A Slope Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

The video was shared by a Twitter user Buitengebieden

The Internet is full of content showing adorable antics of animals that are loved by the viewers. Cats and their antics are adorable. One such video of a cat enjoying a slide is winning hearts on the internet.

Shared on Twitter by user Buitengebieden, the caption of the 12-second video reads, "Cat slide." The short clip shows a black feline gliding down a slanting pillar-like structure. The adorable kitty swiftly slides from one point to another. The highlight of the video is how the cat keeps running back to the top of the slope. It repeats the process multiple times.

Watch the video here:

The video, since being shared, has been viewed more than 7 million times. Netizens have also shared lots of interesting comments. A user commented, "Incredible!! There are so many great cat tweets and they all just made my day!! I want to thank everyone for sharing--love it all." Another user wrote, "I thought it was a cat's shadow but it turns out to be the real cat."

"Cat slide/back scratcher! Win-win situation," the third user wrote. The fourth expressed, "The thing that gets me is the cat seeming surprised and bewildered when it comes to a stop at the bottom. Like, it's clearly intentionally sliding down that thing, and the fact that it's being recorded implies that it's not the first time, but somehow the cat is still befuddled."

Earlier, another video of a crow trying to instigate a fight between two cats went viral. The video shows two cats facing each other when a crow jumps in and pokes one of them. Initially, the cat ignores it, but the bird does it again. This incites the cat and it jumps on the other cat and gets into a fight. As soon as the two cats stop, the bird comes again, and pokes the same cat, making both felines start the fight again. It appears that the notorious crow made the most out of the fight.

Several users had a fun time looking at the video.

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