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Jamai Raja fame Ravi Dubey shares his ‘hitchki moment’ from his hosting days, writes “I AM INVINCIBLE” No ratings yet.

Jamai Raja fame Ravi Dubey has been winning hearts with his hostin g as well as acting for quite some time now on the television screens. Lately, the actor shared an old video from one of his hosting shows in which he spoke about having a ‘hichki moment’ as Rani Mukherjee questions him about it.

Ravi Dubey shares a video from one of his past hosted television shows in which Rani Mukherjee asks him about his 'hitchki moment' and he openly reveals a tough time in his life when he had almost given up in his life. Ravi shares that several kids and even adults give up their lives too easily, especially the ones who are studying and fail to attempt good results in their education.

Ravi says “So it's an old thing and I would like to share it because it's a recurring problem with every other student, if they get fewer marks in their exams they feel low about themselves and start thinking about killing themselves. I would like to share one of the lowest and toughest times of my life. I was studying engineering and during that time even I went through something like that as I was on the edge and I too had surrendered it's not that I want to show off about it but one thing I would like to say is that experience is such a thing that it makes you learn a lot, if we are talking about calling someone a Guru then experience is the greatest teacher you can have from your own self. I have learned a lot from my parents. Earlier people would strut me off like a doormat and leave but my wife Sargun came into my life and she made me stand tall and became the fortune of my life along with my parents. With these people and experiences in my life, I want to repeat again and again that I am invincible.”
Ravi further also captioned the post “Your whispers to the self are all that matter ..’ I AM INVINCIBLE’ Is what I tell myself every day ..what do you tell yourself ?”

Take a look at the post:

After seeing Ravi’s post and many actors commenting on the post, Sriti Jha said “Always in awe @ravidubey2312”, Advikh commented “Wow as always inspiring” and others like Arjit Taneja, Rohan Preet Singh, Tahira Kashyap and so on praised him for the speech and share red heart emoji.

Even his fans commented on the post and were impressed with his story. One of the fans wrote “Literally tears in my eyes . I’ve never ever thought to take my life but recently. Some disaster happened to me. But somehow I am moving forward a little bit I guess. But it’s hit ma hard bro you gem”, another user said “Lots of power to you and your thoughts broda ”, and one more commented “Thanks brother for sharing ”.

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