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Man Creates Timelapse Video of Daughter Growing Up For 20 Years No ratings yet.

Viral Video: Man Creates Timelapse Video of Daughter Growing Up For 20 Years

The viral video shows the baby growing up into a woman

A father-daughter relationship is very special. It is full of love, fun and special moments. Daughters are also usually called their dad's princess. In one such example is a video of a father's love for his daughter, the parent recorded a timelapse video of the child every week from the day she was born until she turned 20.

The video was posted on Reddit by an internet user Esberat. "A video created by a father using photographs that his daughter took regularly until the age of 20," reads the caption of the video. 

In the two minute, 18-second-long video, the baby is seen growing up into a woman. The video starts with a cute new-born baby, then becoming a little healthier, spitting up and even teething. As the clip progresses, she is also seen as a toddler with different hairstyles with hairclips and ponytails. Eventually her milk teeth break off and is also seen flaunting her retainers and braces. The video further shows the girl in her puberty and then becoming a young woman. Eventually her hair colour and hair style also change. 

As per the Reddit post, the video was recorded by YouTuber and Dutch director Frans Hofmeester and was originally posted by him on the video sharing platform in October 2019. Every week the images were shot in the same style with the same baby blanket as background. The woman is named Lotte, one of the users said in the comment section. 

The video received over 42,000 likes on Reddit. Many users got emotional watching the video. 

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One user commented, "I hope they keep going. We will have complete video documentation like this (For whoever in the future) of a child from a young age to... However long. It kind of sounds weird... But, it would be interesting. And morbidly show how quick life is."

"The cliche saying "when you die your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching," said another.

A third person added, "I don't exactly know why, but as the video neared the end......I only then realized my nose was running and tears were rolling down my cheeks. Such a beautiful, happy/sad moment."

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