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Netflix 1899 Accused Of Plagiarizing A Brazilian Comic Book 5/5 (1)

Netflix’s 1899 series is a resounding success, wowing the general audience, especially Dark fans, the predecessor series from the same showrunners. However, today it is ringing not because of popularity but because of an accusation that may be quite serious. An independent comic book artist accused the series of plagiarizing one of her creations.

In the world of comics, these kinds of accusations are important and can bring big consequences. The artist stated that she had not been credited for allegedly taking her material and producing it as a series. She also stated that she had not received financial compensation.

If true, it could be a severe problem for Netflix and the series’ production team. Due to the seriousness of the accusation and the repercussions it may have financially for the company. However, there is a question we must evaluate, and that is, did the creators plagiarize the 1899 series? Let’s take a detailed look at the series versus the alleged plagiarized work and draw conclusions.

Details of Black Silence the Comic of Controversy

Black Silence Image: Mariana Cagnin

The comic Black Silence by artist Mariana Cagnin is an independent comic published in 2016. The cartoonist commented on her social networks that she watched the first two chapters of the series and highlighted that the plot was identical to her comic. 

She especially highlighted the series description and the comic that said, “in the future, Earth’s days are almost over. A team of astronauts is summoned to recognize a planet that may be the only chance of survival of humankind”.

Another feature shown in the comic is astronauts stranded in space and finding themselves on a planet with malevolent pyramids. These create illusions in the members of this crew, causing them to hallucinate and even causing one of the members to commit suicide by driving him to madness.

A fact that the author of the comic also pointed out to take into account is the codes that the astronauts must decipher. This is to leave the planet and be able to escape from the control of the pyramids. These are elements in common with the Netflix series 1899.

Comparisons of the Comic with Netflix 1899

'1899' ending explained Image: Netflix

As for Netflix’s 1899, its plot initially takes place on a steamship, and there are references to the pyramids throughout the series. However, in this series, these objects have no evil intentions. In fact, they sense nothing. They are just tools. Control units that maintain the simulation where they are all trapped.

If we study the crew, we can see that it has a similarity in that it is made up of crew members from different countries. However, there are many differences. For example, in 1899, they spoke different languages, which led to various stories and groups. In the case of Black Silence, they all speak the same language and develop a common plot.

As for the story of 1899, we have the crew members start on a steamship, visualizing the pyramids and trying to escape from the planet. However, in the end, they realize that they are inside the spaceship and that everything was simulations controlled by the pyramids.

This series also had suicides and codes to solve, although they have specific differences if we compare them with Black Silence. As for the suicides, it is possible to say what happened and what did not happen. 

This is because the crew jumped from the Kerberos ship when a strange melody sounded. However, being a simulation, the truth is that no one died. The codes are different in both form and mode of resolution.

A Questionable Case of plagiarism

'1899' ending explained ‘1899’ Behind the scenes, photo by Netflix

Mariana Cagnin’s accusations may look serious and have certain grounds initially, but a detailed study denotes that it has no validity. Although both series have pyramids, these objects’ functions are different since one is an evil entity, and in Netflix’s 1899, it is computer control.

In the case of the suicides that the artist commented on, they occurred in totally different contexts and different quantities. In fact, in 1899, they did not happen because they were part of the events simulated by the computer. 

The artist’s points do not have any validity since the few points they have in common are due to the type of production. There are several titles, such as Star Trek and Star Wars. Also, the 60’s series, Lost in Space can match that quality.

Because of this, it is unlikely that the complaint made by the artist will cause negative effects. It will likely not proceed, and the series will run its course.   

Featured Image Via Netflix 


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